Photoblog – Nature 1

I haven’t had time to write lately, so I thought I’d share from one of my few hobbies – photography.  I know, every photographer with a digital camera these days thinks he is a professional photographer and is sure he is going to get his “million-dollar” shot.  I haven’t taken mine yet.  Just the same, the following are pictures of flowers in our backyard that I took as I was experimenting with the macro setting on my camera (I took a class in May that helped me actually figure out where my macro setting was).  My wife made these pictures into some note cards.  I noticed on the back of those cards that she put my blogsite so I thought it would be good to put the pictures up on the site so that anyone who actually checked out the site from the card would find some pictures.  So, here goes for your enjoyment.  The names, by the way, are her inventions – a little too girlie for me, but hey, I just take the pictures and let her do the creativity.

– sunlit peony –

– rose petal perfection –

– rose perfection –

– rosebud solo –

– peony perfection  –

– peony in white –

– peony in pink –

– purple princess –

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  1. ee says:

    Nice — even the names

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