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I played basketball in high school.  I remember the conditioning we went through, including stair-laps around the gym and the infamous “killers,” which were sprints that began and ended with jumping.  I remember our coach timing those and making us continue … Continue reading

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The Sound of Silence

Almost everyone has something to say about nearly everything these days.  There appears to be little, if any, restraint in the stream of words flowing out of mouths and from fingers.  It seems to me that we have forsaken the … Continue reading

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My daughter desperately wants an iPod but doesn’t have enough money to buy one.  She’s been trying every angle with her parents and brothers to see if she can beg, borrow, or steal enough to purchase one.  She’s offered to … Continue reading

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Spiritual Disciplines and Legalism

This month we start up our small discipleship groups at my church.  One of the things we emphasize and hold group members accountable to is their commitment to spiritual disciplines like consistent time in God’s Word, prayer, and Scripture memorization.  Also, … Continue reading

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