What I Love about Being a Dad

I am 23 years into the “Dad” thing and I love it!  Deb and I have been blessed with two sons and a daughter.  I vividly remember the day each was born.  Our firstborn came two weeks late; our middle child came two weeks early; and our youngest arrived right on time.  Three different hospitals.  Three different doctors.  Three different experiences but all one tremendous joy.

I view being a dad as a gift from God.  I say that honestly because I am neither the smartest dad, nor the funnest dad, nor the most adventerous dad a kid could wish for.  I don’t qualify for “Best Dad of the Year” award.  The fact that God would entrust me with three precious lives who each have eternal souls is purely His grace!  I love that God has graced me in this way.

Just because I love being a dad doesn’t mean there have never been difficult experiences along the way.  Setting aside what I was doing in order to do what they wanted to do, like wrestling on the floor again, practicing baseball, or playing basketball on a hot afternoon, has sometimes been hard.  Disciplining my children has never been fun – it’s hard.  Watching my children struggle and knowing when to step in and help or when to stay out and let them find their own way has been hard.  Refusing to rescue my children from every problem has not been easy for me, but hard.  Admitting when I’ve been wrong has been hard.  Patiently and consistently doing what I believe to be right as a parent, even without any immediate positive results in my children’s lives, has been hard, especially when doing the right thing did not make them happy.

But I still love being dad for many reasons.

  • I love that my kids are the living legacy of my marriage to the woman I love most.  That makes them very special to me.
  • I love that they confide in their mom.  It demonstrates that what I’ve always seen in her they are also seeing.
  • I love that they call me for help and advice.  It suggests to me that I’ve earned their confidence and respect.
  • I love that they fill our home with the vitality and idealism of youth.  It continually challenges me to enter into it rather than throw cold water on it.
  • I love that they keep me in touch with reality.  In spite of all that they know about me personally, and no matter what I may be to other people, to them I am “Dad.”

So, on this Father’s Day I will just say, “Thank you, God, for letting me be a dad!”

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2 Responses to What I Love about Being a Dad

  1. Gary Hoffman says:

    Amen to all of that.

  2. Billy Boy Jackson :) says:

    I love it Mark – I stand right next to you with all the things I love about being a dad. You are a great dad and a great example to me…Bill

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