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Bullying the Chikin

The past decade plus has brought too many reprehensible stories of bullying that have resulted in suicides and retaliatory killings.  As I’ve always understood it, a bully is stereotypically a big-mouthed brute who tries to rule the playground or the lunchroom … Continue reading

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Photoblog – Camp Patmos, Kelleys Island, OH

Random photographs that I’ve taken at Camp Patmos, located on Kelleys Island, Ohio. Sunrise 1 Sunrise 2 Sunrise 3 Shoreline Dining Hall and Lakeview The swimming pool Sailing The lighthouse at sunset The lighthouse at the camp The lighthouse Looking across the … Continue reading

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Photoblog – Nature 1

I haven’t had time to write lately, so I thought I’d share from one of my few hobbies – photography.  I know, every photographer with a digital camera these days thinks he is a professional photographer and is sure he is going to get his “million-dollar” … Continue reading

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