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The Religious Right Gone Wrong

A Moody Broadcast Network station in Texas recently dropped David Barton’s radio broadcast “Wallbuilders Live.”  The reason was his defense of Glenn Beck.  Three bits of information are important to understand this action. First, David Barton is an American evangelical … Continue reading

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Spiritual Disciplines and Legalism

This month we start up our small discipleship groups at my church.  One of the things we emphasize and hold group members accountable to is their commitment to spiritual disciplines like consistent time in God’s Word, prayer, and Scripture memorization.  Also, … Continue reading

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The Pastor’s Role Model, pt. 2

The pastor’s job is shepherding, thus the shepherd is his role model.  His job is not political, vying to win votes.  Though he is responsible to intercede for the people under his care and help them come before their God, the pastor is not the priest … Continue reading

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